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Freezer, a short drama about the brevity and insignificance of life. Yeah, it was definitely one of the heavier films of the three we did in the 2018 BRIC Intimate Eye cohort. This work was written by Gary Winter and directed by Portia Krieger. The cast is comprised of the genius Donaldo Prescod, the fierce Heather Valezquez and the beautiful Seth Clayton.

On this project I served as set, prop, and costume designer. When we received the script for Freezer, and I saw that all of the work takes place in a break room, I could see each and every element that I wanted present. From the workplace posters to the coffee cups, I had it mapped out. One little trick that I devised with the Director of Photography on this project involves something that you can see in the very last shot of the short film. I specifically wanted that table end to be present. I felt it gave the "break room" a much larger feel than what we were actually working with; adding to the final shot's weight as Seth's character ponder's his insignificance in the larger plane of existence.


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